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Security Services: (Armed or Unarmed) Licensed and insured security professionals will be assigned to your venue, event, or client.

Spotter Services
: (Quality Control) One or more trained individuals discreetly monitor daily routines and employee activities for quality assurance and loss prevention and provide a written report to venue owner on the findings of the day(s) or event.

Report Writing: Our security will insure that an incident report is completed after any use of force by an Anchored Security Professional. The reports will be collected at the end of the shift and turn into the proper person at ASAC.
We will file all incident reports for six (6) months and provide copies to the venue owner upon request.
Trainings: Teaching a person or company a particular skill or behavior.
Train a team of your own people to become security conscious and identify suspicious behavior/activity and contraband.
Consultation: We will set up a meeting or discussion with a professional in order to seek advice. We will also
provide a portfolio of all completed services and Risk Assessment Number (0-5)

Risk Assessment: Our assessment involves the observation and inspection of facilities, review of corporate policies, security procedures and related documents, and information obtained from interviews of selected management and or staff. Notes and photographs will be used in the course of the review. These findings are evaluated against generally accepted industry standards and best practices. National standards of care will be used as the basis for your Security Risk Assessment Number (0-5). Our assessment process will allow us to develop an understanding of your business, operating conditions, corporate culture, security risks and threats. While client involvement and cooperation is crucial to success, our consultants will facilitate the process every step of the way. We will provide a detailed portfolio of our finding in 5-7 business days following the completion of our assessment.
Our consultants, security professionals, and spotters are well trained and prepared to provide the highest quality of service in their field, so please provide them with the professional courtesy and respect needed to perform their job well.

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